Roy Williams' suggestion: Run the ball (better)

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
DETROIT -- What's wrong with the Lions' offense? It took a while, but receiver Roy Williams finally provided his theory late Sunday afternoon.

"How many yards did we have rushing today? ... Fifty-four. That's what's my opinion is. It's the running game. If we can run the ball, and keep our defense off the field, and run that clock, I think we have a good chance to win. Run the football."

It's a bit surprising to hear a receiver suggest a team needs to run the ball. But Williams isn't necessarily suggesting the Lions should run more -- just better. Sunday, they managed 54 yards on 13 carries, including a 12-yard touchdown run from rookie Kevin Smith. In four games this season, the Lions have 289 yards rushing as a team.

Of course, it's also convenient for a player with minimal impact on the running game to suggest that it needs the most work. Williams caught seven passes for 96 yards Sunday, but no one considers the Lions' passing game particularly proficient right now.