Cal Ripken addresses Brett Favre's streak

You might have noticed this week's Double Coverage with ESPN.com senior national columnist Gene Wojciechowski and I. As Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre faces the possible end of his 291-game consecutive starts streak, we tried to put it in context. Is it more or less impressive than Cal Ripken's streak of 2,632 consecutive games?

These days, Ripken is busy running Ripken Baseball Inc. and serving as a television analyst. But with The Streak suddenly back int he news, he sent along a few thoughts via e-mail. (Hat tip to John Maroon of Maroon PR for the help.)

(On how closely Ripken has followed Favre's streak.)

Cal Ripken: "I am a football fan and although my team is the Ravens I have followed Brett’s career and I am aware that the streak is at 291 games which is remarkable and, I believe, speaks to his passion for the game."

(On how the the weekly physical toll of the NFL compares to the daily grind of MLB.)

CR: "It is hard to compare the two because the sports and seasons are so different. Brett’s streak is remarkable and I can’t fathom playing that many NFL games consecutively. He is a tough guy. Rarely in baseball do you take the big hits but it is a long season with few days off."

(On what it takes to put together such an impressive streak.)

CR: "My dad always taught me that as a ballplayer you have a responsibility to come to the ballpark everyday prepared to play and if the manager decides you can help him win that day you will be in the lineup. I always viewed it as a pure and simple approach. I also loved to play the game and hated to be on the bench…I don’t know Brett but you can tell he loves to play football."

(On if he has an opinion about whose durability record was more difficult to achieve.)

CR: "To me personally his streak is amazing and I couldn’t imagine doing it. They are very different in so many ways but I will tip my cap to Brett for his durability, perseverance and toughness."