NFC North: Official draft order

PALM BEACH, Fla. -- After getting our list of compensatory draft picks Monday, I decided to hold off on posting the NFC North's full list of 2012 draft picks until the NFL reconciled its own records and released an official list.

So it here is, broken down by each team in all its glory, courtesy "Marathon" Brett Longdin of the ESPN.com blog editing team. Below it I'll have a few notes.

  • The Bears used the third-round pick they received for tight end Greg Olsen last summer as part of their trade to acquire receiver Brandon Marshall earlier this month. That leaves them with their original third-round pick, No. 79 overall.

  • The Lions lost their sixth-round draft pick as part of their 2010 tampering case with the Kansas City Chiefs. It rose from a seventh-round pick because they made the playoffs.

  • One of the Lions' seventh-round picks came from the Seattle Seahawks in a trade for Tyler Polumbus in 2010.

  • The Packers got an extra seventh-round pick, the No. 224 overall, in a trade with the New York Jets for offensive lineman Caleb Schlauderaff last summer.

  • The Minnesota Vikings got an extra sixth-round pick, the No. 175 overall, as part of its 2010 trade with the Cleveland Browns for defensive end Jayme Mitchell.

  • The Vikings also got a seventh-round pick, No. 223 overall, as part of its acquisition of receiver Randy Moss in 2010.