Stafford set to throw with Johnson, Young

DEEP WITHIN THE BLOG LABORATORY, Conn. -- Thanks for bearing with me as we work to make the blog a more vicious, er, vibrant place.

While in transit, Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford said via Twitter that he was planning a throwing session with a number of receivers, including Lions teammates Calvin Johnson and Titus Young. As it turned out, Stafford later tweeted that Johnson and Young will be part of the group for Friday and Saturday's sessions.

Thursday, Stafford threw with a number of receivers with connections to his time at the University of Georgia, including A.J. Green (drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals) and Kris Durham. Also in the group was Chad Hall of the Philadelphia Eagles.

There is significant debate about the value of player-organized team workouts during a lockout. But I think most of us would agree that of all the position combinations, quarterback-receiver drills would probably be at the top of the list.