BBAO: Ford ownership of the Lions

We're Black and Blue All Over:

On Wednesday, Detroit Lions vice chairman Bill Ford Jr. told fans at a season kickoff luncheon: "We're going to bring you a Super Bowl." Ford added: "When the Lions win the Super Bowl, this city will have a party like we haven't seen before."

The statement wasn't uncommon for the kind of sports pep rallies you often see around the country, but it's pretty unusual for the Lions under Ford ownership. As it turns out, Michael Rosenberg posted a really insightful column Wednesday about Ford Jr.'s father, William Clay Ford Sr., and why his perceived passive approach to winning has made him "hated" in Detroit.

Rosenberg: "Ford bought the Detroit Lions in 1963. Since then, the Lions have won one playoff game. The losing alone does not explain the anger. No, what really has really driven people in Detroit crazy over the years is that Ford didn't seem to care as much as they did. Sometimes the Lions won, more often they lost, but either way Ford would wake up rich."

Ford Jr. appears to take a more outwardly passionate approach, and it's worth noting that his urging of his father to fire former general manager Matt Millen is what started this Lions renaissance. But I thought his Super Bowl comments provided an interesting juxtaposition with Rosenberg's column on his father.

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