FavreWatch: Theories abound

OK, the prevailing theory on this blog -- and, apparently, around the NFC North -- is that Brett Favre will put on a Minnesota Vikings jersey at some point this year. All of this is uncharted territory, of course. But as long as we're just talking among friends, let's address some of the early theories making the rounds:

"It's always about money"

Comment: That's what David Canter, a well-known player agent, tweeted earlier today. Canter added: "He knows that Vikes are desperate. No doubt they'll sweeten the pot and he'll break the bank. Uncapped year. 20mil." Indeed, the Vikings wouldn't be an encumbered by any salary cap if they want to give Favre more than the $13 million he is scheduled to receive. We don't have any reason to think Favre simply wants more money, but he has more leverage than any player in the NFL right now. He also has an owner who never shuts off the money spigot when it comes to player salaries. Why not take advantage? Chances of reality: 50 percent.

The ankle is worse than he thought

Comment: When is the last time a quarterback threw with his foot? I just don't buy that as a legitimate reason why Favre wouldn't play this season. It might well be the reason Favre isn't in training camp now, but I can't see it as more than a secondary issue. Chances of reality: 30 percent

He's a drama queen

Comment: It's an interesting thought, especially when you consider the possibility of Favre eventually riding back into town as the savior of a team that struggled through the preseason or started the regular season, say, 1-2. Remember, the Vikings' bye week comes in Week 4. Perfect. Chances of reality: 60 percent.

Feel free to add your theory in the comments section below.