Adrian Peterson releases donation plans

In March, we noted Adrian Peterson's ill-advised analogy that suggested NFL players are the victims of "modern-day slavery." Modern-day slavery, after all, is known as human trafficking.

In May, Peterson released a collaborative video with the DNA Foundation, a non-profit group headed by actors Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher that raises awareness of human trafficking. Peterson said in August that he was making plans for more projects with the DNA Foundation, and on Saturday those plans were announced.

Peterson and the DNA Foundation have created a "Football For Good" campaign and, according to a press release, will work to "create widespread awareness and raise funds for community programs for at-risk youth and to fight human trafficking of minors."

Peterson will donate $5,000 for every touchdown he scores this season. Kutcher and Moore will match that donation. Six other athletes, including Chicago Bears receiver Roy Williams, have also joined the cause.

We don't necessarily highlight every instance of community work NFC North players take part in. But as we discussed in August, Peterson deserves credit for righting a wrong.