BBAO: Super Bowl 'a reality' for Bears

We're Black and Blue All Over:

Overt talk of the Super Bowl is on everyone's mind at the Chicago Bears' training camp, as we noted in our official Camp Confidential. Receiver Brandon Marshall mentioned it during Friday night's practice at Soldier Field, and it's worth passing along what Marshall said in an interview with ESPN's Rachel Nichols on Monday.

"We break it down on 'Super Bowl' or 'champions' every single day, and it's a reality for us around here," Marshall said. "… [E]veryone's goal is to make it to the Super Bowl, but for us I think we really have a chance. We have the pieces, we have the coaches to do it."

Bears linebacker Lance Briggs concurred in another interview, which can be found through this link.

What to make of all this? The excitement over a Super Bowl "prediction" has been watered down by its frequency over the years. But given the investment the Bears have put into this roster, both from personnel and financial standpoints, it would be disappointing for them if they thought they would fall anywhere short of the Super Bowl.

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