Lions' Ziggy Ansah helps kids go to a Detroit Tigers game

The four teachers of the special education classes at Dye Elementary in Flint, Michigan, wanted to do something special for their 40 students.

Many of the students come from low-income housing, so for the teachers to pull off what they wanted to -- take their kids to a Detroit Tigers game -- they would have to raise all the money on their own. They almost did.

Then Detroit Lions defensive end Ziggy Ansah came through with the rest.

The four teachers spent all school year selling popcorn on Fridays to raise money for the charter bus. The Detroit Tigers donated the tickets. One of the teachers, Ashley Keskes, posted a Facebook message on Opening Day mentioning the potential need for shirts and hats for the kids, and they had enough donated to cover the 40 of them.

The Facebook message also turned into one more thing -- the one thing they had not been able to fundraise for yet. The kids, many of whom whose families could not afford to pay for any amenities, still needed food and drinks for the day.

So, Ansah donated enough money for hot dogs, chips and pop for the 40 special education students for their Tigers day Thursday. Ansah found out about the kids after one of Keskes’ friends saw the Facebook posts and reached out to one of Ansah’s representatives.

The representative mentioned it to Ansah and he said no problem, no questions asked, and donated the approximately $200 necessary for the kids to have food and drinks at the Tigers game.

“I just couldn’t believe it,” Keskes said. “I was so excited. He’s a pretty big star. … So all the kids who went got a hot dog, chips and pop provided for the day through his donation.”

In all, Keskes said the four teachers raised about $1,500 for the kids to go to the Tigers game.