Black and Blue all over: History made

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
I hope it doesn't sound like an exaggeration to suggest that Tuesday was one of the most historic days in recent NFL history. It was probably anticlimactic for some people who have felt all along that Brett Favre would sign with Minnesota. Perhaps it was disgusting to others who have been repulsed by the drawn-out spectacle of Favre's decision-making process.

But as Jim Souhan of the Star Tribune writes, you can't deny the enormity of what occurred:

The most iconic quarterback of his generation, a player who mastered the most important and scrutinized position in sports while revitalizing the quaintest franchise in football, in two years maneuvered his way from the team that not too long ago regarded him as a deity to the team that not too long ago regarded him as Diablo. This doesn't happen, not with a player of this fame at a position of this importance in a rivalry of this intensity.

As a result, I have to tell you that we're going to be a little Favre-heavy around here for the next few days. But I will pledge to spread the wealth as much as possible in the interim. This will still be your place for one-stop NFC North shopping. Don't worry about me. I'll just push through the finger soreness.

So let's start off the day as we always do, with a spin around the division: