BBAO: Money not a problem, Harvin tweets

We're Black and Blue All Over:

I wouldn't say he cleared much up, but it's worth pointing out that Minnesota Vikings receiver Percy Harvin sent out a pair of tweets Wednesday night, a few hours after bolting the team's mandatory minicamp. Here is what Harvin said:

"Fans I said I have issues to be worked out money not at all being the problem...I've dne everything asked and more... Me and cch have been speaking and are on same page...theres nothin I can do"

I'm not 100 percent sure who Harvin was referring to by "cch," but the most likely possibility is coach Leslie Frazier, who said this week he has spoken with Harvin about his purported unhappiness.

It's interesting, but not entirely convincing, that Harvin said money is "not at all" the problem. We've suggested that his issues run deeper than simply his rookie contract, but I would be interested to know what grievance could run so deep that it alone could trigger a training camp holdout, as he suggested might happen. Would he hold out of camp because he was unconvinced the Vikings will follow up on their plan to give him more playing time? That's a leap, but Harvin isn't your ordinary player, either.

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