Favregate: A trade is the only option, but where?

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
MILWAUKEE -- Buried in Monday's news story on Brett Favre's interview with Fox News was this important nugget: According to interviewer Greta Van Susteren, the Packers asked Favre to submit a list of teams to whom he would accept a trade.

A trade is and has been the only way out of this box, assuming Favre doesn't just forget the whole idea of playing and go back into retirement.

The Packers already are on record saying that Aaron Rodgers remains their starting quarterback. Favre told Van Susteren that he will only return as the starter -- the unquestioned variety, we assume. The Packers have thus far refused to release Favre unconditionally, but Monday's news suggests the Packers are open to -- and perhaps seeking to make -- a trade.

Even a trade would have its own hurdles, however, because most of the logical targets are teams the Packers will either play this season or at least compete with for a playoff spot. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Carolina Panthers, Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears are all direct competitors with the Packers. Would Packers general manager Ted Thompson be willing to ship Favre to an NFC team? Not if there is another option.

Unfortunately, Thompson might not have many other options. Finding an AFC trade partner would be the Packers' safest bet, but who will it be? Baltimore? There have been no public or private suggestions that the Ravens, or Favre, are interested. Miami? Bill Parcells, the Dolphins' executive vice president, loves veteran quarterbacks. But would Favre be interested in going to a team that finished 1-15 last season?

According to Monday's report, Favre wants to be on a competitive club. The upshot? This saga is like reading a long, somewhat tedious book. You're 200 pages in and a little worn out, but as you thumb through the remaining pages you realize you've still got another 350 to go. Maybe things will speed up, but at this point the end does not seem near.