On Jamie Sharper and Eli Manning

MIAMI -- I’m working backwards on this one, but that’s why they call me the greatest investigative reporter of at least the past five minutes.

I was standing in the media scrum around New Orleans safety Darren Sharper when he was asked about Indianapolis tight end Dallas Clark. At the end of his answer, Sharper said: “He’s a guy you have to watch out for. He’s Peyton’s -- I should say, Eli’s -- go-to.”


Based on the Pro Bowl ratings Sunday night, I was one of the few people not watching the ESPN broadcast. So I missed Colts quarterback Peyton Manning refer to “Jamie Sharper” during a halftime interview. (Jamie is Darren’s older brother, the former Seattle and Houston linebacker.)

A mistake? Obviously Sharper -- Darren -- didn’t think so. He went out of his way to mention Eli and was smirking as he said it.

I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a war of words. Let’s just consider it two crusty veteran players engaging in some early-week mind games.