BBAO: Lions coaching Senior Bowl (again)

We're Black and Blue All Over:

Here's a good news/bad news development for the Detroit Lions. The good news is their coaching staff will manage one of the two Senior Bowl teams for the second time in four seasons. The bad news? Well, it's the same thing. Playoff teams don't coach in the Senior Bowl, and typically priority starts with the NFL's worst team and works its way down until someone accepts. It's not an honor you want more than once.

At the same time, there is unquestionable value in spending extra time with the draft prospects. Last season, for example, the Minnesota Vikings liked Notre Dame safety Harrison Smith so much they decided to draft him after the Senior Bowl and never visited with him again so as to limit evidence of their interest.

The game, which follows a week's worth of practices, is scheduled for Jan. 26 in Mobile, Ala.

Let's take our morning spin around the NFC North: