Jim Irsay: Tannehill suitors must deal

We've been following with interest the increasing chatter on the apparently rising draft status of Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill. In the most dramatic scenario imaginable, an interested team would trade up to the Minnesota Vikings' No. 3 overall pick to ensure it could draft him.

Longtime NFL executive and current ESPN analyst Bill Polian strongly advocated that path Tuesday for the Miami Dolphins, predicting the Vikings could net the Dolphins' No. 8 pick along with their second- and third-round picks in return. Wednesday, Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay veered from the usual bizarre nature of his Twitter feed to suggest a similar tack:

Tannehill is a hidden gem in this draft, a quiet secret who was always sneaking up to #3..you want him, you better talk to Zigi The Biggie!

"Zigi The Biggie" presumably is Vikings owner Zygi Wilf, whom I'm guessing would be thrilled to pick up the phone and find a team desperately hoping to move up to No. 3.

So what do we make of this chatter? For the most part, quarterbacks and top-of-the-draft trades are the hottest topics in the final weeks before the actual event. So it's no surprise that so many people are discussing Tannehill's final destination. But what started out as a theory has at least advanced into public discussion among a wide swath of people who know more about it than you or I. Take that for what it's worth.