Rodgers to Sherman: 'Hope you get work'

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Although the NBC Television cameras appeared to catch only a one-word response from Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers to Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman during the postgame handshakes last Thursday night, Rodgers indicated it was a little longer than that.

On his ESPNMilwaukee radio show Tuesday afternoon, Rodgers not only explained the reason he did not throw a single pass toward Sherman but also shared what he said to him afterward.

"I think I said, 'I hope you get some work this year,'" Rodgers said on his show. "By that point, I knew that we hadn't really looked to his side or thrown to his side, and I just said that to him, and I think we kind of laughed about it and went on the way."

The Packers put No. 3 receiver Jarrett Boykin on Sherman's side of the field in order to see if the standout cornerback would move to the other side to match up against Jordy Nelson, which he did not. It was a strategy coach Mike McCarthy said did not mean they were intentionally throwing away from Sherman.

"I think it just comes down to matchups," Rodgers said. "We don't have a specific go-to receiver that we force it to. We never have in my time. That's just not how I play and not how we script plays."

Rodgers threw Nelson's way 14 times, completing nine of them for just 83 yards. An average of just 9.2 yards per catch, well below Nelson’s career average of 15.2. Boykin did not have a single pass thrown his way.

"We liked the matchup with Jordy on the left; it gave him a lot of opportunities," Rodgers said. "Looked the other side a few times and just didn't have the right look to throw it over there. It's nothing more than the way we like to work matchups. When Cleveland came in here last year, Joe Haden, who's an exceptional player, he went with Jordy on both sides of the field, and you had Buster Skrine guarding Jarrett for most of the night. Jarrett got off to a good start, made a couple of catches and ended up having over 100 yards and a touchdown, and that's just the way it went."

Rodgers also addressed one of the game's other points of interest, when he called timeout and yelled at rookie center Corey Linsley after there appeared to be a miscommunication between them. While Linsley said after the game that he had no problem with the way Rodgers reacted, the quarterback expressed regret over the way it happened.

"That's a moment that I don't think, as a leader, you're wearing as a badge of honor there," Rodgers said. "That's not the greatest moment. That's a frustrated moment."