Millen returns to full-time broadcasting

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
It's official. Former Detroit president/general manager Matt Millen has joined the ESPN family, where he will work as a college football game analyst and also as a contributor to NFL studio coverage.

I know how some Lions fans will react to this news, based on our discussion last month about the (albeit brief) possibility of Millen succeeding John Madden on NBC's Sunday Night Football. Millen's record as Detroit's lead executive speaks for itself. But I'm going to stick with what I wrote at the time, before anyone -- including me -- knew ESPN would enter the picture.

Here's where we landed then:

I don't think Millen's failure in Detroit makes him ineligible to ever broadcast again. There should be a place somewhere if he wants it, either in a studio or on Sunday afternoon assignments.

Now, back to Brett Favre.