Packers: Raji in, Vick not

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
INDIANAPOLIS -- Thursday started at Chicago's training camp, included a furious search for AFC South colleague Paul Kuharsky amid the mayhem of a Gen Con gaming convention in downtown Indy and ended with two important turns of event for Green Bay.

If there ever was a chance of the Packers signing Michael Vick -- and I haven't found anyone who said there was -- it ended with Vick's agreement with Philadelphia. To me, it never made sense for the Packers to put themselves through that spectacle after the chaos of last summer's divorce from Hewhoshallnotbenamed. And if coach Mike McCarthy has the Wildcat in his playbook, no one has ever seen it.

More importantly, the Packers finally agreed to terms with defensive lineman B.J. Raji on a five-year contract worth $28.5 million. The deal comes far too late for the Packers' liking, of course. But when you think about it, he could be ready for game action as soon as the second week of the preseason. Much will depend on Raji's conditioning, but if he stayed in shape, he could jump relatively quickly into the left defensive end position the Packers have carved out for him.

The role is open for the taking after Johnny Jolly missed about a week with a sprained ankle. Jolly returned to practice Thursday and could see some action Saturday against Cleveland, but backup Justin Harrell remains sidelined. From a depth perspective, if nothing else, the Packers will welcome Raji's arrival with open arms.