Lions players consider Patriots controversy a big deal for NFL

DETROIT – Lions quarterback Dan Orlovsky was paying attention to what was going on in New England with Tom Brady, the Patriots and deflated footballs, just like almost every other player in the NFL.

And now that the ruling has come down – a $1 million fine for New England and a four-game suspension for Brady – he considers what happened a big deal.

“Heck yeah, it’s one of the premier organizations and one of the premier players, you know,” Orlovsky said during the Taste of the Lions on Tuesday night. “It’s a big deal. The whole situation, I meant, is a big deal.

“It’s gotten media attention for a reason. It’s unfortunate for the whole NFL.”

Orlovsky would not say what he thought specifically about the punishment levied on the Patriots and Brady by the NFL and he wasn’t the only Lions player to have an opinion they didn’t want to share publicly.

Linebacker DeAndre Levy said he had “a reaction” to the ball deflation case with the Patriots and that his reaction was “exactly what I anticipated.” However, he wouldn’t say what, exactly, that reaction was.

Quarterback Kellen Moore said the whole incident with Brady was “unfortunate,” but prior to it being brought up with the Patriots, he had never heard of air pressure in footballs being an issue.

He was, though, surprised by the punishment given by the NFL.

“Yeah,” Moore said. “I don’t think the level of the football being pumped up, I don’t think that had a whole lot of impact on them winning the Super Bowl.”