Profile: Gerald McCoy

Last week, ESPN.com profiled Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. Thursday, it was time to look at another defensive tackle who is a candidate for Detroit's No. 2 overall pick: Oklahoma's Gerald McCoy.

You should make sure you read all of Jeffri Chadiha's profile, but I'd like to offer up his powerful opening scene:

Gerald McCoy felt the cold walls pressing against his thick arms and immediately thought one thing: Get me out of here.

The Oklahoma defensive tackle knew his claustrophobia might be a problem when he entered that MRI machine at the NFL combine. He never expected it to flare up so badly on his third day in Indianapolis. Within minutes, McCoy winced and wheezed and wriggled as if somebody had sealed him inside a body bag.

The league's medical staff tried their best to help him. They moved McCoy to an MRI facility located about 10 minutes from Lucas Oil Stadium. They let one of his agents, Kelly Masters, sit with him after seven attempts with that machine failed to make him feel comfortable. Finally, the league found a device at another medical building -- one that allowed McCoy to be filmed without the front of his body being covered -- and told him he'd be going home if this didn't work out.

"I just couldn't help it," said McCoy, who eventually completed the MRI after four tries at his third stop. "I really can't sit still for too long."