Poll: Christian Ponder's future

So, in all honesty, I'm hesitant about throwing this kind of raw meat to you blood-thirsty sharks. Sentiment against Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder has never been higher, from what I can gather, and typically online polls are populated by those who stand at the extreme of any issue.

With that said, I'll offer up this exercise, and it comes at request of many readers.

Are you ready to give up on Ponder? Do you think he deserves more time considering he hasn't finished his second year in the NFL? Or do you think the Vikings' relative lack of talented receivers, exacerbated by Percy Harvin's ankle injury, has skewed Ponder's development?

I'll follow up on this post if it leads somewhere interesting, either in the results or via your comments below.

For those of you with Insider subscriptions, Vince Verhei of Football OutsidersInsider took a historical look at quarterbacks who have started their careers at Ponder's level of play. I can't give away the entire discussion -- which includes the names "Kyle Boller," "Akili Smith" and "David Klingler," among others -- but here is the money sentence: "So far, no quarterback who has started his career this badly has ever turned into a long-term answer at the position."