Breaking down the Transformers

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
Somebody please school me. Earlier Wednesday, we invited you to suggest nicknames for Detroit receiver Calvin Johnson. Many of you noted that Johnson already is known as "Megatron," a nickname bestowed last season by teammate Roy Williams.

My limited knowledge of Transformers tells me that Megatron is one of the bad guys. In fact, Megatron's Wikipedia entry refers to him as the "evil leader" of the Decepticons, as well as "utterly ruthless ... highly aggressive ... [and] a megalomaniac." (There is also a detailed discussion about his primary and secondary weaponry, but it's probably not relevant here.)

We realize there is a small chance we're overthinking this thing, but how does the Megatron character fit a mild-mannered guy like Calvin Johnson? Is it simply that they're both the baddest men on the block? (Junior of Gilbert, Ariz., reports it is a reference to Johnson's freakish size.)

Another reader reports Williams started referring to Johnson as "Bolt" this summer, a reference to gold-medal sprinter Usain Bolt. Maybe it's just me, but I like that one better. Either way, it was a fun discussion.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled dose of football.