Green Bay fans: 'Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr'

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
Brett Favre's dalliance with Minnesota has generated, shall we say, a passionate response from long-time Green Bay fans. I got more than 600 messages during the course of the day; about 500 were fit for family viewing.

There was a predictable majority of devastation and anger. But a solid percentage of you welcomed the possibility of Favre donning a Vikings uniform, even if it was for no other reason than what Jayme of Wausau (Wis.) suggested: "To have the Packers set the NFL record for roughing-the- passer-penalties against him."

Kidding aside (I think), many of you are taking Favre's apparent grudge against Packers management personally. While Favre might hope to avenge the circumstances of his departure last summer, in reality that animus would be absorbed by many of his fans.

"The term Judas is nothing short of appropriate," wrote Brandon of St. Paul. Tim of Madison, Wis., recalls The Godfather:

"As a lifelong Packer fan I would never forgive Favre if he plays for the Vikings. To steal a quote from Michael Corleone, "Favre, you're nothing to me now. You're not a brother, you're not a friend. I don't want to know you or what you do."

And, I'm afraid to report, many of you expressed sentiments similar to Eric of White Bear Lake, Minn.:

"I was brought up by my dad to love the Packers. I started watching the Pack religiously right around the time Favre was winning MVPs. I loved and defended him probably more then anyone should a professional athlete. I have been in three fist fights and too many verbal arguments to even try to remember defending him. Obviously, growing up in MN I took a lot of crap about the Pack but I didn't care because they had Favre and the Vikes didn't. Now to see him possibly going to the Packers most hated rival (yes even more then the bears) I am heartbroken. ... I couldn't sleep last night, I can't eat, and turning on ESPN makes me want to throw up. ... If Favre wears purple I am burning my Favre jersey in the middle of the street. Is he so blinded with hate for Thompson he doesn't realize the real people he is going to hurt are all his former fans?"

Some of you, however, suggest Favre's fading skills could ultimately provide the Packers one final boost.

K of Portland figures that Packers officials were "doing cartwheels" at the news:

"Brett seems to think that Packer fans were simply Packer fans because of him, and he has another thing coming. That said, please, please, please let sign with the Vikings. Brett proved he was washed up last year, and his act is so stale that it will be great to watch the Minnesota fans have to put up with the diva persona."

A few of you remain loyal to the Favre Fan Club. Peter of Chicago still believes Favre got a raw deal from the Packers and "deserves another shot at a Super Bowl run." Peter added:

"I think Packer fans need to lighten up about the whole 'loyalty' thing since the organization was far from loyal in dealing with its greatest player ever. Plus, you'd be crazy to say this league is better without Favre than with. He's still a great player and entertainer with huge 'WOW' factor. Favre for MVP in '09!!!"

Greg of Baton Rouge, La., wrote that Favre "is one of the best and should leave this game the way he wants to and with a team of his choice, not a team Ted Thompson selected for him."

I could go on and on, but I think those viewpoints provide a representative sample of how you are reacting. As it stands early Wednesday evening, we believe Favre and Minnesota coach Brad Childress have started a two-day meeting designed to gauge both sides' interest in each other. We'll continue to update you with news, analysis and reaction as the story develops.