Three questions with Michael Oher

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert

INDIANAPOLIS -- Michael Oher is a first-round prospect from Mississippi who could play left or right tackle depending on the team he is drafted by. You might recognize his name from "The Blind Side," a book about his life by Michael Lewis.

The book, which partially chronicles Oher's impoverished upbringing and educational challenges, is expected to be made into a movie.

Oher had an extensive meeting Tuesday night with Chicago coaches, who are looking for a replacement for right tackle John Tait. Here's a snippet of Oher's interview with reporters:

How did the interview with Chicago go?

Michael Oher: I think it went really well. We talked for a long time. We talked about plays, technique, the things that they run up there. The coach up there is a great coach.

What position do you prefer?

MO: I'm a left tackle. I like playing left tackle. That's my position. I think I can do it better than anybody.

Could you play right tackle?

MO: Yes, sir. I think I could handle right tackle. With great coaches, I think I can handle anything.

Do teams bring up your past?

MO: A lot of teams didn't bring it up. They just told me that they knew about it. They just told me they just wanted to talk football. It's all about playing football and just becoming an NFL player.