ChatWrap: Compensation for Lance Briggs?

Thanks to everyone for participating in Tuesday's SportsNation chat, which included a surprising number of people wondering what the Chicago Bears could get in exchange for linebacker Lance Briggs. Last summer, of course, Briggs requested a trade when the Bears declined to upgrade his contract.

Given our place in the NFL silly season, let's entertain the relevant conversations:

Michael (Redmond, WA)

Do you see any merit to the proposition that the Bears and Giants swap Briggs and [Osi] Umenyiora in a trade?

Kevin Seifert (2:35 PM)

Has that been rumored? Or is that your idea? Either way, it would be an exchange of two aging but still effective players who want to be paid more than their teams think they are worth. I like the idea of using Osi in a part-time role, if he's willing to be paid that way.

Bear Down (KS)

I think Briggs played pretty well last season and I don't see him backing off on his contract demands from last season. In the event that the Bears do not give him a new deal, what type of draft pick do you think the Bears could get if they traded him?

Kevin Seifert (2:44 PM)

Given his age, and the fact that he would want a new deal, I'm thinking a third-round pick would be an awfully nice result.

Erik (Tn)

You like the Osi and Briggs trade? What about [Brandon] Marshall and Briggs trade? I like this one more.

Kevin Seifert (2:49 PM)

Ohhh, maybe we'll throw that in too.

A straight-up Briggs-for-Marshall trade seems unlikely, as jmac3444 wrote in the comment section: "Why would the Dolphins want a aging unhappy lb for a young wr who is considered one of the best at his position?"

Briggs for Umenyiora is a more nuanced deal that would give the Bears some help at position where they really only used two players in 2011, Julius Peppers and Israel Idonije. The biggest problem would be the utter lack of potential replacements the Bears have on their roster, but it's possible to draft an outside linebacker and immediately plug him into a starting lineup.

So what do you think? Is this just fantasy talk? Would you trade Briggs if the Bears aren't willing to extend his contract? And if you would, would you take Umenyiora in return? Or a third-round pick? Or Marshall, even if it meant throwing in a draft pick as well?