BBAO: Dave Duerson's final days

We're Black and Blue All Over:

INDIANAPOLIS -- On Saturday, former Chicago Bears safety Dave Duerson was laid to rest. On Sunday, the Chicago Tribune published a chilling account of the final days before his Feb. 17 suicide. Among other points, the story made clear that Duerson had displayed evidence of diminished mental capacity in recent years. An excerpt:

About three years ago -- more than a decade removed from an 11-year career that took him from the Bears to the Giants to the Cardinals -- Duerson noticed something was not right.

It started mildly. Progressively, it became more problematic. Blurred vision. Headaches. Memory loss. Problems spelling common words. He talked specifically of pain on the left side of his brain.

When he was in Chicago not long ago, the former hard-hitting safety couldn't remember how to get places. "That aggravated him because he could always go anywhere in the city or state without having to look at a map," [ex-wife] Alicia Duerson said.

He couldn't remember when and where [daughter] Taylor's volleyball tournament was. His ex-wife had to remind him, repeatedly.

Duerson was 50.

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