Mike McCarthy: No more bench penalties

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Whether it was Rob Davis or Edgar Bennett or someone else on the Green Bay Packers' sideline, coach Mike McCarthy vowed that it won't happen again -- that there won't be any more penalties on his bench.

It happened in the second quarter of Sunday's comeback win against the Jets, and at the time it looked like a costly mistake. The Packers trailed 21-3, and Jordy Nelson had just picked up 17 yards on a catch near the sideline. The Packers wanted a late hit on Jets defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson, who drove Nelson to the ground near the sideline.

Not only did they not get that call, but they were flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct for apparently arguing the no call. It appeared Davis, who is not a member of the coaching staff but works with players off the field, or Bennett, the team's receivers coach -- or perhaps both -- were upset that the play carried on outside the boundary. Line judge Byron Boston heard something he deemed unruly from the Packers.

"That's disappointing," Packers coach Mike McCarthy said. "Byron called it on our bench. He said someone said some things to him, and he reacted quickly. Obviously at the end of the play, I don't remember who exactly was going out of bounds, but there looked to be a potential late hit. Things were said and a flag went up.

"I've talked to a number of people, I talked to Byron about it a couple times. I don't know who he threw it on. That's what's kind of in question. But the penalty was on our bench, which is not ... we're not going to do that no more."

Nelson's catch would have put the ball at the Jets' 28-yard line, but the flag backed up the Packers to the 43. They still managed a field goal on the drive after failing to score a touchdown despite having first-and-goal at the 5.