FavreWatch: A first pitch

Wednesday's post on the fate of Brett Favre's NFL records generated the usual chatter about when, not if, Favre will get the itch to resume his career. I'm nowhere close to believing that will happen, based on his 2010 health and performance, and we are now seeing some evidence that Favre is at least trying to find other outlets for his sporting attention.

Favre has been closely following the Southern Miss baseball team, attending games in Hattiesburg, Miss., and sitting in the dugout for a few games. On Wednesday evening, he threw out the first pitch for the first round of the Conference USA Baseball Championship.

Southern Miss, the conference's No. 2 seed, defeated Tulane 7-1.

For your (possible) lockout-induced interest, here is some video of Favre's warm-up and faster-than-usual first pitch, courtesy of Conference USA. He also told a group of reporters that he hadn't thrown a baseball in 25 years and that he had no thoughts "whatsoever" about the NFL's labor issues.