Bisciotti: McCaskeys deviate from legacy

If there was any doubt about how angry the Baltimore Ravens are after Thursday's botched trade with the Chicago Bears, I think Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti has cleared it all up.

In the genteel world of NFL ownership, rarely do you see ownership disputes spill out in public. But after the Bears turned down the league's request to compensate the Ravens for missing their No. 26 overall pick, here's what Bisciotti told Jamison Hemsley of the Baltimore Sun: "I'm disappointed in the Bears and the McCaskeys. It is in my opinion a deviation from their great legacy. They concluded that their heartfelt and admirable apology was sufficient for our loss. All of us at the Ravens strongly disagree ... probably end of story."

The NFL can't strip the Bears of the fourth-round pick they originally committed to the trade; the Bears never reported the deal to the league, so nothing official occurred. But in the interest of fair play, commissioner Roger Goodell suggested the Bears send it to the Ravens anyway.

Bears general manager Jerry Angelo took responsibility for the trade falling through but has referred to it as a "glitch." But he clearly had no interest in parting with one of the two picks he has remaining in this draft.

"The only thing I'm gonna say [is] they have rules when you do something wrong, not when you make mistakes," Angelo said Friday. "A mistake was made. No rule was broken."

The Ravens' point is that the Bears verbally agreed to the deal, after which the Ravens allowed their time to expire. But in the end, the Ravens can claim one small victory: Their eventual contract with cornerback Jimmy Smith will reflect the salary slot of the No. 27 overall pick rather than No. 26.