Black and Blue all over: Davis piles on

Posted by ESPN.com’s Kevin Seifert

San Francisco tight end Vernon Davis knows how to kick a team when it’s down. Davis spoke truthfully but no doubt incited at least some Chicago players with this quote Tuesday in preparation for Thursday night’s game:

"I think we can destroy their guys up front. I don't see anything spectacular about their front line. Their LBs, I think we can handle them pretty well. I like [defensive end] Adewale Ogunleye. I think he's performing well for them, but he's the only guy I like in their line.''

Ogunleye has been the Bears' most productive pass-rusher, but Davis might be overlooking the steadiness of Alex Brown. Regardless, the Bears’ defensive performance of late has left his opponents feeling -- to paraphrase Larry David -- pretty, pretty, pretty good.

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