Fantasy Friday: The Bills vs. tight ends

ESPN's Matthew Berry had an interesting line this week in discussing his high hopes for Chicago Bears tight end Greg Olsen.

Berry on Olsen: "In the three games the Bears won with Jay Cutler as their quarterback, Olsen had two scores. In the games they lost? No scores and under 75 yards total for Olsen. I'm hoping Chicago used the bye week to figure what works for them and it means getting Olsen more involved. Plus, there's that whole 'Bills give up the most fantasy points to opposing tight ends thing."

What exactly is the whole "Bills give up the most fantasy points to opposing tight ends thing?" I wasn't sure if it was some kind of inside joke in the fantasy world or what. But it appears to be "or what." Maybe this is well known to everyone else, but checking box scores this season reveals some pretty big numbers for tight ends against the Bills' defense. Here is a sampling:

Week 2: Jermichael Finley (Green Bay Packers): Four catches, 103 yards

Week 3: Aaron Hernandez (New England Patriots): Six catches

Week 3: Rob Gronkowski (Patriots): One touchdown

Week 4: Dustin Keller (New York Jets): Two touchdowns

Week 5: Marcedes Lewis (Jacksonville Jaguars): Two touchdowns

Week 7: Todd Heap (Baltimore Ravens): Two touchdowns

We'll see if there are limits to how stubborn Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz can be Sunday in Toronto. Just sayin'.