Reading between the lines: Rick Spielman

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
INDIANAPOLIS -- A handful of reporters spent the better part of 40 minutes grilling Rick Spielman, Minnesota's vice president of player personnel, about all things Vikings. Spielman is a veteran of these affairs and knows how to dance around a question, so it's up to us to play a fun game of Reading Between the Lines with his answers.

Some of the answers are partial and are marked thusly with ellipses. (That's "..." for the punctuationally challenged.)

Where are you with Gus [Frerotte]? He hasn't sounded too happy with the organization in recent media interviews?

Rick Spielman: That's between Brad [Childress] and Gus, and I'd rather leave that all for Brad. You can hit Brad on that.

Between the lines: Frerotte doesn't want to return as a backup to Tarvaris Jackson or anyone else the Vikings might acquire. The Vikings will have to release him or it's likely Frerotte will retire.

What positions are deep in the draft?

RS: On the offensive side, I think it's a deep center class ....

Between the lines: Say goodbye to center Matt Birk, who is a pending free agent. Spielman said the Vikings have talks planned with all of their pending free agents, but realistically, they probably would have completed a contract with Birk by now if they really wanted him back.

What do you think of Adrian Peterson saying he wants to bulk up to 230 pounds in 2009?

RS: I think that's Adrian trying to be the best football player that he can be. There is a lot of untapped potential, and how much better he can still get is still untapped. I know the coaches -- Tom Kanavy, our strength coach -- they will all monitor that to see if that's the thing or not. But Adrian works extremely hard at his craft to be the best that he can be. That's something that will be discussed internally, but I know you don't have to ever worry about Adrian being ready to go and being in the best shape possible.

So it's not a request from the team?

RS: No. I just think he's trying to be the best he can be.

Do you think it's a good idea?

RS: Adrian is very lean, very lean, muscular. A lot like you guys, maybe 5 percent body fat. ... I'm sure if he came back at 270 pounds, there would be some concern. But he's such an explosive athlete, and if you're able to add more muscle mass to what he has, it could be more of a benefit. I know Adrian is smart enough to know what weight he would want to put on before it would affect his speed and quickness. You wouldn't want that weight to affect how he is or what type of player he is.

Between the lines: This is Peterson's idea, and the Vikings are willing to go along until the extra weight slows him down. If that happens, the experiment is over.

Spielman spoke extensively, if not equally evasively, about the Vikings' quarterback situation. No breaking news here, but look for his thoughts to be part of a column I post Friday.