BBAO: Ayanbadejo repping '06 Bears

We're Black and Blue All Over:

Brendon Ayanbadejo has received national attention for his stance on same-sex marriage and the New England Patriots, among other issues. Chicago Bears fans, of course, remember when he was a two-time Pro Bowl selection as one of their best special-teams players from 2005-07.

Ayanbadejo, now part of the Baltimore Ravens, told ESPN 1000 that he hoped to win Super Bowl XLVII in part to represent the Bears team that lost the big game in 2006.

"It's kind of funny, all my Bears boys, all the guys have been texting me and tweeting me, and I'm like, 'Man, I've got you guys, I've got this,'" Ayanbadejo said. "The whole 2006 team, you guys are in my heart, you guys are on my back, I'm going to go win this championship for you guys as well."

Ayanbadejo didn't get through the interview without offering one stark observation, making clear he didn't agree with the decision to fire coach Lovie Smith. He said, "I think Lovie Smith is the best coach of the Bears" and added: "I just don't see how you are going to be able to replace him with somebody who is going to be better."

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