Black and Blue all over: Minnesota and Pat White

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
It was interesting to note this FoxSports.com story from Alex Marvez, which reports that Minnesota officials conducted a private workout Tuesday with West Virginia quarterback Pat White.

White has gained some draft traction as a possible "Wildcat" quarterback/running back given his athleticism and a 6-foot frame that might not make him an ideal full-time passer. But the Vikings have never displayed a remote interest in the Wildcat formation, and in fact, coach Brad Childress appeared disinterested in the trend as it developed last year. Childress runs a traditional power offense with little to no gimmicks.

According to the report, the Vikings consider White a quarterback/receiver prospect. It's also possible they envision him as a kickoff and punt returner. White could be a less expensive version of Florida receiver Percy Harvin, a potential first-round target for the Vikings.

A workout four days before the draft typically means a team has either serious questions or serious interest in a player and needs another look before finalizing its board ranking. White can certainly make an impact on an NFL offense, but the Vikings would have to make some alterations to their scheme in order to maximize his skills.

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