J.J. Watt mic'd up suggests Saints try someone else at right tackle

Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt had two sacks and seven quarterback hits on New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees on Sunday.

He had some thoughts on how New Orleans could help themselves.

"You guys might want to try somebody else at right tackle," Watt said while mic'd up during the game. The audio aired on Showtime's Inside the NFL Tuesday night. "Quarterback's getting smoked back there. I like Drew [Brees]. I don't like hitting him like that."

The Saints' offense struggled against Watt and his defensive teammates. They didn't score a touchdown in the game for the first time since 2005 as the Texans won 24-6. There was pressure on the defense, and Watt welcomed it.

"Let's go 'D!' Let's go 'D!'" he said before the game. "All day, put it on our shoulders. We'll take it."

Watt beat Saints right tackle Zach Strief on a play that resulted in an intentional grounding call against Brees late in the second quarter. The segment on Showtime shows Watt arguing that Brees was down before he released the ball. Then inside linebacker Brian Cushing asks Watt if intentional grounding counts as a sack.

"It should at minimum be a sack, don't you think?" Watt says. "He's literally just throwing it away. I don't know. I'll make up for it."

Though he harangued Brees all day, Watt finally got his first sack of the game on the Saints first possession of the third quarter. He took down Brees for a five-yard loss, beating left tackle Terron Armstead, who had lined up outside Strief on that play. Watt stats barking at Armstead after the play: "You asked for it, you got it." Then he tells Texans' rookie Kevin Johnson on the sideline: "Time to hunt now."

He did it again a few minutes later, again for a 5-yard loss, that time beating the Saints rookie left guard Andrus Peat.

Watt did give credit where it was due. When Peat knocked him over once, Watt said, "That's a nice hit, actually. That was a nice hit. That was a good hit."

He's then shown on the sideline saying his body is taking a beating.

Watt adds: "But that's football, baby."