NFC South mailbag

JM in Charlotte writes: So, let's say that Carolina carries three QBs on their regular season roster. We can expect that Matt Moore and Jimmy Clausen (in whatever order) will be first and second string...who do you think would be the third string?

Pat Yasinskas: That’s going to be an interesting battle in training camp between draft pick Tony Pike and Hunter Cantwell, who spent much of last season on the practice squad. I watched both in minicamp over the weekend and Pike and Cantwell throw pretty well. My guess is the Panthers would like to keep one of them on the roster and put the other on the practice squad. Training camp will decide who has the upper hand, but it might be easier to cut Cantwell and bring him back to the practice squad. Pike’s a draft pick and there are some other teams out there that liked him and they could grab him if he is released.

Patrick in Atlanta writes: Are you going to Falcons minicamp?

Pat Yasinskas: Yes, I am. In fact, I’m multitasking right now -- working on my laundry and this mailbag. Looking forward to heading up to Flowery Branch and seeing the Falcons. Actually driving up this time just to put a little variety in my life. Sometimes, I get a little tired of getting on planes and this should be a nice time of the year to see Georgia and Northern Florida.

Bill in Laplace, La., writes: My question to you is, how can anybody take the ex security director for the Saints seriously? He tries to get money from the Saints to not file a suit, then, when rebuffed, files a civil suit. Seems to me, he would have a lot more credibility if he would have reported this immediately to the proper authorities without wanting money. Your thoughts?

Pat Yasinskas: I’m staying in the middle of the road on this one right now and don’t have any real opinion yet. Quite simply, I don’t feel like I know enough, based on the limited information that’s come out on this so far. I’m going to wait and see if there are more details coming through the legal system or from law enforcement before forming any real opinion.

Kyle in Bossier City, La., writes: Darren Sharper’s signing has answered one question. The next question that comes to my mind is how many of these DBs, or "embarrassment of riches" as you have so adequately described them, will the Saints realistically be able to keep do to regular season roster restrictions?

Pat Yasinskas: The Saints are as loaded at defensive back as any team I’ve ever seen. With Jabari Greer, Tracy Porter, Malcolm Jenkins, Patrick Robinson and Randall Gay, I see five cornerbacks who are capable of starting. Jenkins could switch over to free safety and compete with Sharper, who is coming off knee surgery and Roman Harper’s a solid strong safety. The Saints also have Usama Young, who is a quality backup, Chip Vaughn is coming back after missing his rookie season with an injury and there are a few other young defensive backs with promise. The Saints probably will carry 10 defensive backs in the regular season. There will be some tough calls to make, but this is a nice problem to have. The little “slump’’ the Saints had last season was when Porter, Greer and Sharper were banged-up. The Saints weathered that storm and they’ve positioned themselves to weather just about any injury in the defensive backfield.

Ben in Tampa writes: What happened to USF receiver Carlton Mitchell? You said in a previous post that his pro day went so well you had him as a possible 2nd round draft pick. He didn't even get drafted, what happened?

Pat Yasinskas: Actually, he did get drafted. But it wasn’t until the sixth round by Cleveland. That surprised me because I thought Mitchell would go much earlier. He’s a guy with good size and speed and he looked very good in his workouts. I think the apprehension came because Mitchell came out of school early and might not be real polished. But I think he’s someone who could develop into a solid receiver.

Jonathan in Fort Mill, S.C., writes: The rumors coming out of the mini-camp is that Armanti Edwards electrified the coaches with his abilities. After Marty Hurney took so much heat for trading next year's 2nd round pick, (I know it’s early) but is Armanti Edwards the real deal?

Pat Yasinskas: “Rumors’’ might not be accurate. I think it’s fair to say Edwards was, in fact, electrifying in his first minicamp. The coaches saw and I saw it (along with the other media) on the sideline. It was a very promising start. But let’s keep it in perspective for now. This was only one minicamp. Also, I think it’s key that John Fox abandons his conservative nature and lets offensive coordinator Jeff Davidson be creative with Edwards.