On the road to Bristol

Players go through minicamps and training camps and, apparently, so do bloggers.

Yes, I’m getting ready to fly to Bristol, Conn. for two days filled with meetings and seminars as we make our plans for the upcoming season and do some team-building exercises. Should be fun to get together with all the other division bloggers.

As you may know, Bristol isn’t a very big town and there’s not much more there than ESPN headquarters. That’s going to make for an interesting situation as the population suddenly grows by eight. They’ve got us booked at the local hotel, but, apparently, there were only six rooms available.

Paul Kuharsky and I will be staying in auxiliary tents in the parking lot. I think the bosses decided that Kuharsky and I are outdoorsmen since we come from the South. While that may be our current geographical status, Kuharsky and I aren’t truly “of’’ the South. In fact, it would be difficult to find two guys who are more suburban New Jersey and Pennsylvania than us.

But we’ll make the most of it. Kuharsky and I already have a plan. It’s going to cost us $20 each, but it will be worth it. Each night, one of us will slip into the office, hand the clerk a $20 and ask for a 4 a.m. wakeup call for “Mr. Mosley’s’’ room. If you’re going to go around calling yourself “The Beast," you better be ready for some beastly awakenings.

Anyway, things may be a little light on the blog as I’ll spent most of the next few days in meetings. I’ll be checking in on things during breaks and at night. Also, we’ll have to cancel the Friday NFC South chat. Sorry, we’ve also missed the last couple of weeks due to minicamps, but I promise we’ll resume the chat next week.