QB Moore has healthy approach

It might not be straight out of the public relations textbook, but I seriously like the way Carolina quarterback Matt Moore has been handling himself since the Panthers drafted Jimmy Clausen.

It was blatantly obvious at Carolina’s minicamp a couple weeks ago that Moore wasn’t thrilled the Panthers had added Clausen. That’s understandable because Clausen is an instant threat to the starting job Moore wants.

“It was unexpected, there’s no doubt about that, but, you know, nothing we can do about it now, and just keeping working hard and moving forward said in an interview on SIRIUS NFL Radio. “And I know he’s going to do the same. He had a heck of a minicamp, came in here and was very impressive.’’

What I like best about all this is that Moore’s taking the smart approach. He’s not ready to just hand the job off to the second-round pick.

“Coach Fox and [GM] Marty Hurney have been nothing but upfront with me,’’ Moore said. “And everything that I’ve heard and that they’ve said is – and not that this needs to happen but they’ve told me their plans and their plans are, with the way last year ended and everything, is for me to be the starter and to go forward that way. But I always know, regardless of who it is, if it’s Jimmy or if it’s somebody else, Tim Tebow or whoever it is, somebody’s creeping up your back.

“So you’ve just got to go out and perform because if you’re not performing they’re going to put somebody in there who is.’’

That’s a very healthy approach. If Moore goes out and has a strong training camp and preseason, he’ll be the starter. The Panthers liked what he did at the end of last season and want to give him a chance. He needs to keep this attitude and do all the things he’s saying and things will work out for him. The alternative is for him to go into a pout, the way Chris Weinke did back when the Panthers brought in Jake Delhomme. Weinke never stopped pouting and that’s a big part of the reason why he never really got back on the field.

Speaking of quarterbacks and temperament, Moore had some nice things to say about Clausen. There are a lot of folks out there who will tell you Clausen is selfish and overhyped. Moore grew up in the same part of California as Clausen and said the guy he saw at minicamp doesn’t match the reputation he’d heard so much about.

“I thought he was great,’’ Moore said. “I also had heard a lot of things, of course, like anybody else does and really after meeting the guy and spending a weekend with him, none of those things I heard really hold any water. The guy was quiet. He came in and asked all the right questions. Very advanced in just his thought process of the game. And then he comes out and he can spin it and put it right in there. So I was really impressed with the guy. All the things I’d heard, he was everything opposite, I think, so that was good.”