Jason McKie gives Saints depth at FB

It might not seem like that big a deal, but I think the signing of fullback Jason McKie on Monday could be one of the best moves of New Orleans’ offseason.

McKie is coming in as a backup and he’s not much more than a blocker. But McKie’s a veteran who spent most of his career in Chicago and he brings quality depth to a position that didn’t have much. One of the more amazing things about last year is how the Saints went on to win the Super Bowl after losing fullback Heath Evans to injury.

Evans was a huge part of New Orleans’ offense and coach Sean Payton and his staff did an amazing job adjusting things after the injury. They largely used tight end David Thomas to fill a lot of Evans’ roles and that worked very nicely.

But adding McKie and getting Evans back from his injury should put the Saints in very good shape at fullback. If there’s an injury this season, they won’t have to get by asking someone to play out of position or making major changes to the offense.