Don't overlook comebacks by Delhomme, Bryant

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

I can't argue too much with Miami's Chad Pennington winning the Associate Press 2008 NFL Comeback Player of the Year award Wednesday, but I thought Carolina's Jake Delhomme and Tampa Bay's Antonio Bryant would be closer in the voting.

Delhomme tied for second place with Tennessee's Kerry Collins with six votes apiece. Pennington got 19 votes. Bryant finished with four votes.

Again, Pennington's comeback (recovering from injury and taking the Dolphins to the playoffs) was remarkable. But so were the comebacks of Delhomme and Bryant.

If anything, Delhomme might have been hurt in the voting by how smoothly he came back from Tommy John elbow surgery. He's truly the first quarterback to do that and have much success. He also made it look easy as the Panthers went 12-4 and a lot of people long ago forgot about his injury. But, keep in mind the Panthers were 7-9 without Delhomme for most of last year.

Bryant's story is a little different, but no less impressive. The guy was out of football last year, largely due to some personal issues, and the Bucs were the only team willing to give him a shot. Bryant got his act together and ended up being Tampa Bay's best offensive weapon. He put himself in line to get a huge contract for next year.