ManU debt hurting Buccaneers?

Here is some more ammunition for those fans who think the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are being dragged down the Manchester United soccer club.

The Glazer family owns both of those franchises and the latest report and the latest report out of London is the soccer team has $1.6 billion in debt. The Glazers have said they have no interest in selling Manchester United, even though detractors are trying to put together bids to buy the soccer team.

What’s it all mean for the Bucs? I’m no financial analyst and the Glazers like to say the Bucs and Manchester United are separate entities. The Glazers aren't exactly stepping forward to show their Bucs and back up that claim. But you can look at the Bucs, who haven’t signed a big-priced free agent in several years and at least wonder if that’s tied to the soccer debt.

You also can look at the Bucs, who are facing the very real possibility of not selling out Raymond James Stadium this year for the first time in its existence and wonder if part of the woes can be blamed on the Manchester United debt.