NFC South programming notes

Let’s bring you up to speed on some programming notes for the NFC South blog.

First off, we’ll hold our weekly chat Friday at 1 p.m. ET. Here’s the link. This will be our last chat for several weeks. Most of the NFL – coaches, players, front offices and sports writers – is going into a hiatus to get rested and ready before training camps start in late July. I’ll be taking some down time starting next week.

But we’ve got several projects for you that will run while I’m gone. One is the best team in the history of each NFC South franchise. For those who like to take things a little too literally, this project considered every team that every NFC South team has put together in its history. That said, only one of the four winners comes from the time before the NFC South officially came into existence in 2002.

Next, we’ll have a project on one prospective Hall of Famer for each team. This includes past and present players and coaches and we were instructed to go beyond the obvious. In other words, the guy I’m going to make the case for from Tampa Bay will not be Derrick Brooks or Warren Sapp. Those two are automatic Hall of Famers when they’re eligible. I’ll be talking about two current players who are on a pace that could put them in the Hall of Fame and two other guys from the NFC South’s history that I think belong in the Hall of Fame.

In addition to that, we’ll also sprinkle in some stuff from Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. on X's and O's. And, as we get closer to the start of training camps, I’ll be back and ready to hit the ground at full speed.