Best coordinator, position coach -- my take

You shared your thoughts on the best coordinators and assistant coaches in the NFC South. Now, I’ll give my thoughts.

Best coordinator: Gregg Williams. There’s no way I’d even try to argue with the consensus on this one. Hiring Williams to run the New Orleans defense is the main reason Sean Payton and the Saints won the Super Bowl last season.

A lot of readers also mentioned Tampa Bay special-teams coach Rich Biasaccia in this category. No argument here. Biasaccia is as good as any special-teams coach in the league and he didn’t have a lot to work with last year. I’ll also project a bit and say you could see Atlanta offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey and defensive coordinator Brian Van Gorder surge this year.

Best position coach: Paul Boudreau. Carolina running backs coach Jim Skipper and New Orleans receivers coach Curtis Johnson were the popular choices among readers. I’m not disputing that Skipper and Johnson are excellent coaches, but they’ve got some talent to work with. I’m going with Boudreau because, for the last two seasons, he’s been getting a lot out of an Atlanta offensive line that’s not stacked with blue-chip players.