Peria Jerry is on track, Falcons say

The Atlanta Falcons have been relatively quiet about the health status of defensive tackle Peria Jerry in recent months. That led to some speculation that Jerry’s knee injury was more serious than initially thought or that last year’s first-round pick had encountered problems in his recovery.


JerryWell, the speculation was wrong. When pressed about Jerry’s situation Wednesday, the Falcons weren’t screaming from the roof top, but they subtly said the defensive tackle is on target for a full recovery.

“He’ll be involved right from the start of training camp," said a team official, who asked not to be named. “Like any player returning from knee surgery, we’ll proceed with some caution and there will be some rest involved. He might not be out there every day for every practice like [quarterback] Matt Ryan, but he’ll be out there."

There also has been speculation over the exact nature of the knee injury Jerry suffered early last season. The team official emphasized that it was not a torn anterior cruciate ligament. The official wouldn’t go into further detail about the nature of the injury other than saying Jerry’s surgery had been a success.

Assuming Jerry’s ready for the start of the season, the Falcons plan to use him and Jonathan Babineaux as the starting defensive tackles.