Reviewing the film of the NFC South chat

Lots of great stuff in Friday’s NFC South chat.

We had the obligatory question on Terrell Owens:

Wesley Rhodes (Grove Hill, AL): Is there any chance that the Panthers will sign T.O.?

Pat Yasinskas: Absolutely NO chance.

We talked some more about Peria Jerry’s injury:

Phillip (A-T-L):What exactly was Peria Jerry's injury? ACL? MCL? Bone ailment? How can this be such a mystery?

Pat Yasinskas:I can tell you I have had two Falcons officials swear to me that it was not an ACL. Some sort of ligament tear, but not an ACL. They say he'll be ready for camp -- might not go every session because they'll bring him along cautiously, but it sounds like they expect him to be ready for the season.

We cleared up some confusion about Carolina general manager Marty Hurney’s contract situation:

Ryan (Charlotte): I thought his contract was set to expire on June 30th and I haven't heard anything otherwise about an extension. I assume he still is with the team because it seems like it would be big news if he wasn't, but you yourself have said he keeps his business out of the media most of the time.

Pat Yasinskas:I don't know who was feeding the rumor about his contract being up, but they didn't have all the facts. Hurney is a guy that doesn't like to talk about himself, which I really respect. He wouldn't announce that he got an extension. But the fact is, something got done. He's still there and will be there this season. If they were making a move at GM, it would have been back in February. Also, Hurney is probably a lot safer than John Fox in the long term.

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