NFC South Saturday mailbag

Oscar in Charlotte writes: About a month ago I asked you if the Panthers might make a deal with Terrell Owens after Muhsin Muhammad's retirement. It seems like every time there's talk about TO, the Panthers keep coming up as "a good landing spot" for him. So I have to ask again ... do you think the Panthers will try to make a deal with him?

Pat Yasinskas: The question keeps coming and I keep answering it the same way. There is absolutely no chance of Owens landing with the Panthers. First off, they’re in a youth movement. If they wanted an older receiver, they would have kept Muhammad. His initial decision was to keep playing, but his contract was up and the Panthers had no interest in re-signing him. Second, and this is much more significant, owner Jerry Richardson has a long history of avoiding guys with baggage and we all know Owens carries some of that. Coach John Fox and general manager Marty Hurney are very much on board with that philosophy. They went against their instincts a few years ago and signed Keyshawn Johnson. He came with much less baggage than Owens and that still didn’t work out because it brought issues into the locker room.

Chad in Las Vegas writes: Do you really agree with Jeff Duncan that Gregg Williams can be a head coach in the NFL again? I am a huge Saints fan and appreciate what GW has done but look at his record. He is a really good defensive coach, but really more of an opportunistic defense coach. His offense in Buffalo was horrible under him and he really didn't manage that team well. I think GW is destined to be a GREAT D coordinator but nothing more.

Pat Yasinskas: If the Saints have another good year defensively, I think Williams will be on the radar for some jobs. After a couple tough years in Washington and Jacksonville, he revived his reputation last year in New Orleans. Again, he needs another strong season, but I think that will be enough to make him a candidate. You’re right about his tenure in Buffalo. But I’m sure Williams learned some valuable lessons in that time. Remember, Bill Belichick was a failure in Cleveland. But he learned from his mistakes and has had a great run in New England.

John in Charlotte writes: A lot of people have named their top 5 running backs lately. The Panther's duo has consistently been absent. Is it too hard to imagine that if Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams were the feature back on separate teams that they would each be on those lists?

Pat Yasinskas: Not hard at all to imagine that. Williams and Stewart both are top-notch backs. So what if they don’t get the individual hype? I don’t think that bothers either one of them. They get along well and they realize they complement one another. There are enough carries to keep both happy. At a time where it’s tough for one running back to carry the load for an entire season, I think the Panthers have a great luxury –- a backfield duo that’s as good as any in the league.