Reviewing the tape of NFC South chat

We had to skip a few NFC South Friday chats while I was making the rounds through training camps. But we jumped back into our routine this afternoon and it looks like NFC South readers already are in midseason form.

A few highlights:

Mitch in Boston: I saw highlights of last night’s game between the Ravens and the Panthers. Jimmy Clausen looked very good, but Matt Moore did not. Do you think Clausen can win the starting job?

Pat Yasinskas: Not yet. Didn't think Moore was horrible. Clausen did well, but wasn't perfect. Unless Moore is horrible the rest of preseason and Clausen is great, the opening day job is Moore's. That's been their plan all along. Now, if Moore gets into regular season and struggles, then you could see a switch. But it's not even near that point yet.

Colton in Rock Hill, S.C., asks: Will Dwayne Jarrett be able to step-up into the 2nd WR position opposite of Steve Smith, and be a factor other teams pay attention to?

Pat Yasinskas: I still say Brandon LaFell's going to be the No. 2 wide receiver.

Dave in Columbus, Ohio: Two questions concerning Derrick Brooks' legacy. Does he get into the HOF in 2014 and is he added to new Ring Of Honor in 2011?

Pat Yasinskas: He better. On both counts.

Mark in Greensboro N.C..,: I have read and heard a lot of fans calling Armanti Edwards a bust. That's crazy in my opinion. NFL WR is one of the hardest positions for college WR to adjust to....Edwards is moving to WR in the NFL. Steve Smith didn't look like a Pro Bowl receiver in his first preseason game either (not saying AE is going to be the next Smitty).

Pat Yasinskas: A bust??? Who's saying that? Again, it's one preseason game. Panthers have said all along, he's a work in progress and it's going to take some time. He's making a major position move, but he's got all sorts of potential. You want to talk busts? You can use that one on Dexter Jackson. But let's not even go anywhere near there on Edwards at this point.

Will in New Orleans: Have the Saints given any indication as to who will replace Lynell Hamilton yet? Who do you think looked better last night, P.J. Hill or Chris Ivory?

Pat Yasinskas: Think they'll be keeping a close eye on the waiver wire when rosters are cut down. They might be able to find someone decent there.

To see the transcript of the entire NFC South chat, click here.