Childress to N.O.: 'Hit (Favre) the right way'

My NFC North friend Kevin Seifert just passed along some very interesting comments from Minnesota coach Brad Childress that were directed at the New Orleans Saints.

You can read Kevin’s whole story here. But the short version is the regular-season opener between these two teams isn’t until Sept. 9, but the game’s already on. Asked if the Saints were unduly hard on quarterback Brett Favre in last season’s NFC Championship Game, Childress had a pretty harsh response.

“In my opinion, yeah,’’ Childress said.

The Saints were called for two unsportsmanlike-conduct penalties and the NFL later admitted there should have been a third. Childress also was asked if the 40-year-old Favre can still take the type of punishment that comes with being an NFL quarterback and the coach implied that the Saints need to play within the rules.

"He knows there somewhere he's going to get knocked on his keister,’’ Childress said. “That's going to happen. As long as we're doing it in the spirit of the rules, he's all good with it and I'm all good with it. In terms of not doing it that way, hey, everybody talks about hitting the quarterback. Let's just hit him the right way."