Looking back at Carolina's loss

Let's take a quick look back at Carolina's 9-3 loss to the New York Jets on Saturday night.

Scott Fowler plays optimist and pessimist on Carolina’s loss, which is a smart way to look at preseason games. But the offense definitely earned some pessimism. If it stays like this, Jake Delhomme suddenly will be viewed as a hero again in Charlotte.

Jets defensive tackle Kris Jenkins made his return to Charlotte and was very honest about the greeting he received.

Rookie Armanti Edwards continued to struggle – this time as a punt returner. He’s already been struggling as a receiver. Bottom line here is if Edwards isn’t ready to contribute as a receiver and can’t field punts, he’s not going to be seeing the field when the regular season starts.

One of the bright spots was the play of defensive end Everette Brown. He got the start and delivered a sack and played well against the run. Brown’s a guy with a lot of potential, but he really hadn’t flashed in camp. This might be a sign that he is ready to contribute.