NFC South mailbag

Michael in Orlando writes: With the injury to Josh Freeman over the weekend, do you see the Bucs maybe trying to make a move for Sage Rosenfels. I think that’s one of the best veteran options available. Either that or call Jeff Garcia? Your thoughts?

Pat Yasinskas: If the Vikings end up cutting Rosenfels, yeah, I think the Bucs should be all over him. But I wouldn’t go trading for him. There are going to be other veteran quarterbacks getting cut by other teams. I think the Bucs need to get some veteran insurance. Garcia’s not your answer. He’s signed by the United Football League and he doesn’t have the personality to come in and be content as a backup. In the short term, the Bucs might sign another of the few available quarterbacks just to help them get through practices while Freeman can’t work. But I think they should bring in a veteran when other teams make their roster cuts.

Hunter in Atlanta writes: Any Chance the falcons make a move for Vincent Jackson? He has some slight character issues but would make the falcons a championship contender immediately.

Pat Yasinskas: From what I hear, the Falcons are going to stick with what they’ve got at wide receiver. They’re expecting Michael Jenkins back for the start of the season and he, Roddy White and Harry Douglas will be the top three receivers. Eric Weems and Brian Finneran also are pretty safe bets to be on the roster. The loss of rookie Kerry Meier to injury hurts because the Falcons liked him as a receiver and special-teams player. But the fact is Meier wasn’t going to be anything more than a No. 5 receiver as a rookie.

Brian in Emerald Isle, NC writes: Remember when Steve Smith breaking his arm the second time was supposed to be a good thing for all these young receivers? What happened there? It’s been 2 rough preseason games so far and we are yet to see anyone emerge as a No. 2 guy.

Pat Yasinskas: True, there haven’t been many bright spots by the receivers in Carolina’s two preseason games. But I still think the Smith injury allowed a bunch of young receivers to get more practice time in training camp and that can only help when they get to the regular season.

Carlos in Panama writes: We all saw Michael Spurlock's TD. Is Spurlock making a very strong case to keep him as the 5th receiver and cut Michael Clayton to save up some cap for next year?

Pat Yasinskas: Spurlock is making a strong bid to make the roster. As far as saving cap money for next year by cutting Clayton, that’s not a factor. If there is a cap next year, the Bucs would still take a hit for some of Clayton’s pro-rated bonus money. Clayton also is guaranteed $3 million in base salary this year. But the Bucs may simply elect to cut Clayton now if they feel they’re better off without him.

Scott in Tampa writes: Is Jevan Snead still on the Bucs' roster? I remember hearing about that Bucs signing him, but haven't heard any news since. I was looking forward to seeing how he would do in preseason.

Pat Yasinskas: No, although the Bucs signed Snead as an undrafted free agent and he went through much of the offseason with him, they cut him on the day training camp started to make roster room for first-round draft pick Gerald McCoy, once he signed his contract.